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The anoa seems also to point towards the same region, so rich in varied forms of Antelopes.

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There is still debate about whether Lowland Anoa (Bubalus depressicornis) and Mountain Anoa (Bubalus quarlesi) are distinct species (Burton et al. 2005). Two phenotypes of Anoa, characterized by body size, hair texture, horn shape, and body colours have been used by certain authors to justify the existence of two species.

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This small water buffalo is found in Indonesia. Indeed, ‘anoa’ is the Sulawesi word for ‘buffalo’. This species is characterised b...

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Anoa, also known as midget buffalo and sapiutan, are a subgenus of Bubalus comprising two species native to Indonesia: the mountain anoa (Bubalus quarlesi) and the lowland anoa (Bubalus depressicornis).

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Bubalus depressicornis is found exclusively in the northern region of the Indonesian island of Celebes, which is also called Sulawesi. (Parker, 1990; Nowak, 1999; Anonymous, 2001; Massicot, 2001) Biogeographic Regions; oriental. native; Other Geographic Terms; island endemic; Habitat. The lowland anoa prefers undisturbed lowland forested areas and swamps.

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Define anoa. anoa synonyms, anoa ... Pertamina Table--2 New oil and gas blocks put into tender Location Description Number of blocks Jambi Onshore 1 South of Banten ...

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Similar in form to the lowland anoa (B. depressicornis), the mountain anoa is the smallest of the extant wild cattle (Buchholtz, 1990).The body is round and barrel-shaped, and the legs are slender (Buchholtz, 1990).

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Describe the assumptions for use of analysis of variance (ANOVA) and the tests to checking these assumptions (normality, heterogeneity of variances, outliers).


ANOA is an autosomal recessive neurologic disorder characterized by onset of visual and hearing impairment in the first or second decades (summary by Paul et al., 2017). Clinical Features Paul et al. (2017) reported 8 patients from 4 unrelated families with sensorineural neuropathies affecting vision and hearing.

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...c. Flora dan Fauna Peralihan Tumbuhan di daerah pantai hampir sama dengan tumbuhan di Papua, sedangkan yang ada pada daerah pegunungan mirip dengan yang ada di Kalimantan. Sebagaimana flora, fauna di wilayah peralihan ini berjenis Asiatis dan Australis. Contohnya antara lain anoa, babi rusa, burung maleo, bengkarung dan komodo....